Who we are

A carpentry in step with the times, able to combine the quality and attention to detail of the craftsmen, with the productivity and respect for deadlines typical of industry. This has always been the goal of Zetadesign, which is proposed as a real partner of the customer, supporting him in the design choices and assisting him in identifying solutions that can combine aesthetics, durability and cost containment.

From design to shipping, each phase is carefully supervised by qualified personnel and with the support of the latest technology.

Thanks to the proven working method and the collaboration with important suppliers, Zetadesign is able to identify and apply the most functional and effective technical solutions, integrating the "tailor-made" with the commercial needs in order to respect the budget of the customer.

The quality is also testified by the FSC and ISO9001 certifications, which Zetadesign has been endowed for years.